.htaccess validator v1.06

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Use this script to validate the syntax of your .htaccess file.

• .htaccess :

The .htaccess file can be used in combination with Apache webservers. They can be used to control, sometimes override, the behaviour of an Apache webserver. For example, a .htaccess file can be used to indicate certain directories which should be protected by an username/password combination but also, for instance, to create a standard error page different from the traditional error codes (redirect for instance 404 (page not found) errors to a more user-friendly page).
This validator is experimental. Please indicate by using the checkboxes below for which directive you would like to validate your .htaccess file (more than one option possible) and indicate your .htaccess file.

At the current moment, not all .htaccess directives can be valided. More options will be added in time. Syntax should be correct if no errors appear.

Tip : To narrow down analyses and speed up validation, limit the number of Directives to validate

• .htaccess validation form :

Validate my .htaccess file for the following syntax (1)

(1) more than one option possible

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(2) This will upload and validate your .htaccess file (100Kb max.)

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