File analyser v1.0

Use this script to analyse your file's structure.

• File analyser :

Did you ever wonder what the structure of a certain file is? It is sometimes important to know the structure of a file if you want to transfer it with certain file transfer protocols. Not only to assure a correct file transfer, but sometimes also to know wheter or not file conversion can be performed, for instance by using the PeSIT transfer protocol.

For file transfer protocols like Etebac and PeSIT you might also like to know wheter your file is a text file, in which case all records, including the last one, should have a line termination character. But you also might like to know wheter or not your file has a Fixed or Variable record structure.

For instance, for a file to be a Fixed Ascii text file, it would mean that all records have the same length, contain only ascii text characters and all lines have a line termination character.

A quick calculation to see wheter or not a file could possibly have a fixed record structure can be done by :

  • (total file size/(supposed record length + 2*)) (*Windows, add 2 characters to the recordlength for 0D0A)
  • (total file size/(supposed record length + 1*)) (*Unix, add 1 character to the recordlength for 0A)

The result should at least provide a whole number, representing the number of records in the file.
The maximum record length for a text file is 65533 for Windows and 65534 for Unix (excluding the EOL character).

This small file analyser allows you to upload a file and obtain a quick analyses of its structure.

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